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The third category of positive illusions involves overestimating the likelihood that good things will happen to us while underestimating bad outcomes. This view of the future through rose-colored.

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  • This week, Kat dives into the lies that we tell ourselves. It’s something that we all do for one reason or another we lie to stay comfortable, we lie to avoid, we lie because it can feel good, and we can lie to continue a narrative that we want ourselves and others to believe. The tricky part is, sometimes we lie so well that we can convince ourselves that we aren’t.

    Examples of lies we tell ourselves

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    Redemption and contamination stories are just two kinds of tales we spin. McAdams has found that beyond stories of redemption, people who believe their lives are meaningful tend to tell stories defined by growth, communion and agency. These stories allow individuals to craft a positive identity: they are in control of their lives, they are.